The Institute of certified Public Secretaries of Kenya (ICPSK) operates a Sacco Society Limited for the benefit of its members, their spouses, children and employers of members, in their professional practice firms.

The ICPSK Sacco was registered on August 9, 1999 under the Co-operative Societies Act Cap. 490, Section 6 of the Laws of Kenya. Admission fee is Kshs.200 non-refundable and minimum deposit contribution per month is Kshs.3000/=. Share capital is Kshs. 5,000.

Members will be eligible for loans subject to availability of funds after six months’ contributions and the loan will be 3 times the member’s contribution.

Remittance may be on standing orders, bankers’ cheque or direct payment to the SACCO Secretariat.

ICPSK Sacco Membership Application Form

 ICPSK Sacco Member Bio Data Update Form

 ICPSK Sacco Membership Withdrawal Form

 ICPSK Sacco Dividend & Capitalization Form

ICPSK Sacco Loan Application Form

 ICPSK Sacco Brochure

 ICPSK Sacco Rules