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Institutional Consultants Ltd (ICL) offers its clientele the following range of services.

Human Resource Management

Whether our client is a small and expanding entity with no Human Resource department or a large organization with an overburdened Human Resource component, ICL will assist in providing the tools, strategies and approaches necessary to effectively and efficiently support the organization's Human Resource function in the following areas:

  • Developing and Institutionalizing Performance Management System
  • Formulation of HR, Financial policies and operations manuals
  • Setting up Human Resources management systems
  • Staff Recruitment and Selection
  • Job Evaluation/Job Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Competency Profiling
  • Development of core competencies
  • Staff Rationalization and Re-structuring
  • Organizational Review and Design
  • Grading and salary structuring

Organizational Development

With an ever increasing focus on efficiency and managing costs the need to undertake change is on the agenda of many organizations. However the impact of change is recognized as major cause of poor employee relations and getting it wrong can result in increased costs and a drop in productivity. ICL assists organizations to develop a structured approach to identifying the need for change and then managing change via a clear plan of action.
Our Organization Development Services include:

  • Program Evaluation
  • Situational Analysis
  • Project Evaluation/Appraisal
  • Institutional Restructuring and Strengthening
  • Strategic management
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Organization Design
  • Productivity and Quality Improvement
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Situational Analysis
  • Corporate Governance
  • Small business development and management
  • Culture change
  • Experiential team building

Management Training and Development Programs

Management development is a continuous process. Our Programs cover an extensive range of topics including:

Modular Training

ICL can provide modular based programs that can be tailor-made to suit your individual or business needs. You can mix and match programs, and decide the best times for their delivery.

Topical Training

 We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of Human Resource developments. This enables us to provide training in any recent developments and new initiatives in the HR market e.g. changes in labour laws, Change Management etc.

In-house and Open Skills Training

 We offer both in house and open courses so that an employee can receive the training required without having to wait for others in the organization to require the same training. Benefits of attending an open access course includes meeting, developing and networking with other employees from different organizations.
These are some of the programs that we offer:

  • Leadership and Corporate Governance
  • Financial Management
  • Public Procurement
  • Advanced Human Resources Management
  • Personal Development Skills
  • Sales and Marketing Communication Skills
  • Advanced Organization Management
  • Company Law

Executive Selection Services

The ICL’s Executive Selection is a comprehensive program that works alongside clients to recruit staff across a diverse range of professions and roles through recruitment advertising to a fully managed service, including behavioral competency testing and personality profiling.
We undertake a robust recruitment service which begins with taking a complete and thorough brief from our clients so that we fully understand the organization, its culture and the requirements of the role. Each assignment is managed by a lead consultant who ensures that clear lines of communication are established from the outset. All applications are monitored to comply with best practice governing diversity and equal opportunities.

Our Team of Professionals

Our professional teams of specialist consultants have a broad range of experience covering the private, public and voluntary sectors, and are committed to delivering fast and effective high quality services.
Drawn from diverse backgrounds, our experienced teams have specialist knowledge and expertise in Human Resource and Organizational Development consultancy, community consultation and learning and development. Each consultant is committed to delivering a professional, quality and flexible service that represents excellent value for money. ICL's consultants have the skills, expertise and experience of providing comprehensive training and development for all levels of management, from Chief Executives to frontline staff.
Executive Selection services
The Guiding Principles of ICL Executive Selection

  • To attract the best candidates who will deliver results
  • To uncover untamed talent not available in the market
  • To maintain confidentiality of hiring and training

What is unique about us?

  • It is important for all organizations to note that the cost of poor recruitment is unmeasurable especially at senior levels. Recruitment requires knowledge, diplomacy, expertise and considerable efforts.
  • Specialist recruitment assistance is vital to help the client company find and appoint the people upon whom the client company’s success will depend on.

Our uniqueness as an Executive Selection Company includes:

  • To offer the best Human Resource solutions that amplifies our client company’s growth prospects and success potential. We provide a highly established recruitment facilitation process and ensure complete research and identification of potential candidates.
  • To offer customized recruitment solution that is unique, based on our client’s company size, history, vision and requirement of the company. We will provide the services to the best interest of our client and ensure confidentiality. We Endeavour to assure our client ethical, discreet and confidential services.
  • To provide our client the benefit of a rich expertise of qualified professionals in the recruitment field, well equipped with astute industry acumen. Our team of experts will ensure they achieve an in-depth knowledge of Client Company before they execute the recruitment process.
  • To provide personal service that is unique to our client. We incorporate advertising, unique interview methodology, assessment and evaluation whose end-result will provide for unlimited access to potential candidates with the rich niche for our client.



  • Advanced Technology- Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
  • Services Sector- Financial Services
  • Corporate Services
  • Investment Banking
  • Insurance
  • Industrial – Industrial Services
  • Transportation And Logistics
  • Agriculture


  • CEOs
  • Finance Managers
  • Senior Company Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Company Secretaries
  • Hr Managers
  • Sales and Marketing Officers
  • Public Relations Officers
  • Managing Directors
  • Project Directors
  • Programs Managers
  • Front Office Staff

Human Resource Management

Whether our client is small and expanding entity with no Human Resource department or a large organization with an overburdened Human Resource component, ICL will assist in providing the tools, strategies and approaches necessary to effectively and efficiently support the organization’s Human Resource function in the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Job Evaluation/ Job Analysis
  • Staff Recruitment And Selection
  • Setting Up Human Resource Management Systems
  • Developing And Institutionalizing Performance Management Systems
  • Competency Profiling
  • Development Of Core Competencies
  • Staff Rationalization And Restructuring
  • Organizational Review And Design
  • Grading And Salary Structuring
  • Formulation Of Human Resource, Financial Policies And Operations Manuals

Our Approach
As a recruitment agency, we offer a wide range of services to enable a company become an employer of choice, to attract talented candidates at all levels, to compensate them fairly according to individuals contribution, to create a working environment based on open communication, motivation, reward and teamwork and thus achieve high performance.
Apart from offering the selection service, our company advocates helping business entities, leaders and their respective teams to transfer knowledge , build operational capability, evaluate best practices, make necessary recommendations and leave implementations with the clients.
Our three main approaches include:

Recruitment Services

We assist companies and individuals find their way through the lattice of work dynamics. For individuals looking for prosperity as far as career is concerned, ICL will offer you the opportunity to establish career with reputable and promising future for your career. Our recruitment solutions are accompanied with quick turnaround time, regular status reports, candidate skill check, pre-screening before interviewing and efficient support team.

Staffing Services

Maintain the right Human Resource is essential for organization’s growth and success. Our services will simplify time consuming of the recruitment process into a fast and effective process that allows organizations to focus on their more important functions. Cost effective process, quick response and shear convenience is what we endeavor to give to our clients.

Corporate Training

This will help take care of weaknesses within an organization and provide a platform for your projects to take off in the right direction. We offer training complete with practical methodology and the latest techniques and tools in both social and corporate governance. Our client company will have the advantage of getting access to highly qualified, professionally experienced trainers who will provide efficient and industry specific knowledge database for our client company.

Compliance with Human Resource Requirements

With human resource as a necessity, any business entity needs to integrate this strategy to keep any sort of harassment and discrimination at bay. Our company can assist our client company establish a strong Human Resource Department to cater for these aspects in a professional manner. Our services will help our client company position its business appropriately; build its corporate image effectively; ensures it runs smoothly and any unnecessary glitches are taken care of. ICL is committed to maintaining the highest levels of ethics, quality and integrity and ensuring all operations are within the letter and requisite laws governing the business.
Based on the above, our target end result is to:
Ensure the right candidate is sourced
Provide an overview of talent within your organization
Extend training services to the Human Resource Department of our client company.

Search Process

We at ICL, advocate for proper channels to be applied to all the recruitments handled. We ensure the process is free and fair from any form of interference. This is to ensure the process gets to pick out the best candidate fit for our client company.
Our selection process is as follows:

  • Candidate/ position profile development

We will help develop a list of performance expectation as well as identify company’s culture or personality that impacts candidate ability to achieve success.

  • Candidate sourcing

Through effective advertisement we will source and avail appropriate and potential candidates to undergo the search process.

  • Short- listing

Having received adequate response from the applicants, a short- listing process will be done and the prospective candidates will be notified on time about a scheduled interview. A second round of short-listing of the interviewed candidates will be done.

  • Candidate evaluation

At this point, different levels for reference checks will be applied to ascertain the candidates capabilities, accomplishments and management style of each candidate. Their individual profiles too will be compared to determine the best candidate.

  • Finalizing the hire

After an agreement has been reached between our company and our client company concerning the best candidate; we will assist the new candidate with salary negotiations without any conflicts of interest and ensure that the offer extended to the right candidate will be accepted.

  • Completing the search

After the successful recruitment, our company will liaise with other short-listed candidates to ensure they keep a positive view about our client. We appreciate all individual applicants and treat them with respect they deserve.

  • Follow-up

We will do a follow-up with our client company and the newly recruited employee on the progress through interviewing both sides.