Members of ICPSK are categorized into two board categories of membership. These categories are:-

  • Practicing
  • Non – practicing 

A member can opt to take the status of a life member. Conditions are that he/ she should have been a member in good standing for 10 years and more. This status is open to practicing and non – practicing members.

10 years membership - Kshs. 100,000
20 years and above - Kshs. 65,000


Non Practicing Members
Mainly are employed by corporate bodies and other institutions. They are not allowed to file company returns as practicing members; however, they can do so only for their employers in their capacities as Company Secretaries. Membership fee is currently Kshs. 12,500 per annum

Practicing Members
For one to become a practicing member, he/she must be licensed to do so. Members are authorized to practice by the RCPSB upon application and payment of appropriate fees. Membership fees is Kshs. 15,000 per annum.


Registration Requirements

The qualifications for membership of the Institute are prescribed under section 20 of the Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya Act, Cap 534 and as amended through the Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act, 2002. A person is qualified to be registered as a Certified Public Secretary if the person:-
1.    Has been awarded by the Examinations Board (KASNEB) a certificate designated the final certificate of Certified Public Secretaries Examinations;
2.    Holds a qualification approved by the Registration of Certified Public Secretaries Board (RCPSB);
3.    Was  on June 30, 2002 both a citizen of Kenya and a member of the professional body known as The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators.
4.    Was  on June 30, 2002 both ordinarily resident in Kenya and a member of the professional body known as The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators.
5.    Was on November 1, 1989 registered as an Accountant under section 24(1) of the Accountant Act; or
6.    Was on 30 June 2002 an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya.


CPD Credits
As a policy, the Institute introduced and made compulsory the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirements for all its members. In a given year, every member of the Institute is expected to actively participate in a number of functions/activities and attain the minimum credit units set for that year.

The CPD Credits are in two categories; structured and unstructured. The unstructured credits are earned from activities of other recognized institutions while the structured credits are earned from activities/functions that are organized by the Institute. In the year 2014 calendar, the members are offered a variety of programs, comprising of seminars, conferences and social functions, from which to attain the required CPD credits.

For the each year, every member is required to attain a minimum of twenty (20) structured units and ten (10) unstructured.

 Application for Registration RCPSB

 Application for Grant of Practicising Certificate


 Guidance Notes For Application For Registration As A Certified Public Secretary

 Guidance Notes For Applications For Practising Certificate